• RED Komodo kit with Wooden Camera rigging/handle, SmallHD Cine 7 monitor with 4x batteries, Canon EF-RF .71x Speedboost adapter, Canon EF-RF VND adapter, Wooden Camera PL-RF adapter, Canon EF-RF adapter, 2x Anton Bauer Titon 150 batteries, 5x RED batteries, SDI cables, power adapters, 4x 512gb CFast cards, CFast reader, Follow Focus with 15mm rails and other accessories. (insurance required)
  • Phase One IQ3 100 with Phase One XF camera body medium format system with Schneider 80mm f/2.8 Leaf Shutter lens, batteries, charger, tethering cables and other accessories (insurance required)
  • Schneider 80mm f/2.8 Leaf Shutter lens for Phase One XF camera
  • Schneider 120mm Macro f/4 Leaf Shutter lens for Phase One XF camera

  • Canon R5 (45 megapixel, 8k UHD video) camera body with 3 batteries, charger and 2 256gb CF Express cards with USB reader

  • Canon 28-70mm f/2.0 RF lens with UVP filter

  • Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 RF lens
  • Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod with Kirk Enterprises (Arca-Swiss style) ball head

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