• C-Stand 40″ black with arm and knuckle
  • Matthews Hollywood Double Riser Combo Stand with retractable baby pin (11.3′)
  • Light Stand (various sizes available)
  • Background kit for up to 9′ seamless
  • Magliner Backstage-modified Junior Cart with bottom and top shelves
  • Apple Box Set 4-in-1 (full, half, quarter and pancake)
  • 25lbs. Sandbag
  • Super Clamp (Mafer Clamp) with stud pin or J-Hook
  • A-Clamp (Pony Clamp) 1″, 2″ or 4″ sizes available
  • A/C Extension cord (various lengths available up to 50′)

boston photo assistant and digital tech | rob coshow | divided by xero
boston + new york